Economic News Calendar

The Economic Calendar a.k.a. Forex Calendar is an essential tool in currency trading, because it selects and displays information about the most important economies. Events in the Forex Calendar are likely to cause high volatility on the currency markets, which provides tradable opportunities.

Find out one of the best Economic News Calendars and stay in touch with the most volatile events in Forex.

Economic Calendar by TradingView

How to Use the Economic News Calendar

Scroll up and down through the economic calendar news to browse through different future and past events.
You will find seven columns at our economic calendar:

  • Time: Displays the time of the economic news release converted in your local time
  • The flag responds to the currency that is likely to be impacted by the economic event.
  • Yellow, Orange, or Red dot that Indicates the importance of the economic news with Low, Normal, and High impact respectively.
  • Information about the essence of the event in the Forex calendar
  • Actual: The release itself
  • Forecast: The expectations about the economic news release
  • Prior: The last release of the economic indicator