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CAD/CHF may not be one of the mainstream forex pairs, but it still has several desirable characteristics. For one, CAD/CHF interests traders because both CAD and EUR are two major currencies in the forex market. It’s also not a bad thing that the pair manages to retain quite a bit of liquidity without excessive volatility.  […]

U.S. and Eurozone data tends to have a huge impact on many forex pairs. Keeping up with all the data as it comes in is no easy feat, which is what makes trading NZDJPY an attractive option – the pair is almost immune to most E.U. and U.S. data. Trading this pair can streamline the […]

Having a forex trading strategy that’s based on analyzing the news and what’s happening all around the world can be daunting, what with today’s fast-paced news industry and continuous breaking updates. Fortunately, there are some currency pairs that are more suited to traders who prefer looking at specific events and data. One such pair is […]

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