Author: Muhammad Awais

Exotic currencies are not mainstream in the forex market. Because they come from smaller markets, they are usually riskier to trade and more susceptible to very high volatility. But where there’s a bit more risk, there are often some of the best trading opportunities, as is the case with USD/CLP. To trade USD/CLP: Study the […]

As one of the most volatile GBP pairs with sizeable market movements, GBP/NZD offers the opportunity to potentially make high profits in a short period. Besides providing huge potential for speculation, GBP/NZD is also a great alternative for traders who want to diversify their trading of big pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, and USD/JPY. […]

GBP/CHF features two highly sought and traded currencies in the world. It is characterized by a stability that is strengthened by the economic and geographic proximity of Britain and Switzerland. The pair’s lower volatility is very popular among traders looking to steadily grow their profits without taking on undue risk. To trade GBP/CHF: Learn the […]

EUR/AUD may not be a major currency pair, but it’s still in demand among traders. The pair is influenced by factors that can create unique market conditions and favorable trading circumstances for market participants.  To trade EUR/AUD: Learn the fundamentals of trading EUR/AUD Research potential forex brokers and select one Choose a forex trading platform […]

Although a less-known pair compared to the majors, CAD/JPY can give you an advantage in the forex market. The pair provides a substantial amount of liquidity and it’s often seen as an ideal substitute for USD/JPY and AUD/JPY. To trade CAD/JPY: Study how trading CAD/JPY works. Search for a forex broker and open an account. […]

As the seventh-most-traded cross currency pair, EUR/CAD represents a significant share of daily forex trading. Although this pair is not quite a classic trading instrument, it does offer an opportunity to trade the economics of the European Union.  To trade EUR/CAD: Study the EUR/CAD pair and what influences its movement. Find a reliable forex broker. […]

AUD/CAD is one of the popular crosses, especially among traders who focus on the impact of commodities on forex pairs. The volatility of the pair can be quite confusing to some traders, but with careful research and a keen eye for fundamental data, it’s possible to build a winning trading strategy. To trade AUD/CAD: Educate […]

The GBP/CAD has started to produce higher highs and higher lows suggesting the validity of an uptrend…  Analysis Details: GBP/CAD symbol on the MT4 platform Type: Bullish Key support levels: 1.7162 Key resistance levels: 1.7246, 1.7277, 1.7424 On September 28th, the price broke above 200 Simple and Exponential Moving Average, showing strong bullish intentions […]

As the Chinese economy continues to grow, interest in the EUR/RMB is increasing despite the risk associated with the pair. After all, with all the risk, there is potentially more to be made. To trade EUR/RMB or EUR/CNY: Find a forex broker and open a trading account Choose a trading platform Analyze the EUR/RMB or […]

EURNZD is often underestimated and associated with high risk. But with the right knowledge and trading strategy, this pair is a noteworthy trade vehicle with high-profit potential. To trade EURNZD: Learn how the EURNZD pair works Choose a broker and open an account Analyze EURNZD Build your trading plan and select a trading platform Open […]

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