Category: Algorithmic Trading

Sometimes you may have what you think is a winning trading strategy only for it to fail after a couple of trades. The fact is that not every strategy works. To figure out how effective your strategy is likely to be in the markets, you need to do some backtesting. To backtest a trading strategy […]

The forex market is fast-paced and often requires making multiple decisions simultaneously. Fortunately, there’s MQL4 to make everything a whole lot easier. But what exactly is MQL4 and how do you use it in forex? MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) is a programming language that allows you to create technical indicators, scripts, function libraries, and trading […]

What is MetaTrader4 Platform & How to Install Mt4 Robot

The MetaTrader4 is the favorite platform for retail traders. What is MetaTrader4 used for? The MetaTrader4 platform allows traders to buy and sell a currency pair and even to build an MT4 robot. Before going into more details regarding the metatrader4, traders should know what is MetaTrader4 needed for. It all starts with the basic […]

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