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MQL4 Programming

Operations With Variables

In this tutorial I will explain how to use basic MQL4 programming techniques with variables such integers, doubles, strings, and others. We also touch on simple operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Finally, we learn how to concatenate strings.All illustrations are supported with working examples using the Alert() statement.

If even after the video tutorial you are still curious, then you can always find additional information on the official MQL4 website.

MQL4 Programming Video

This video is short, sharp and to the point. We learn by doing and there’s lots of practice. Also, you can write your own test code as much as you want! In fact, I encourage you to do so, because there is no better way to learn MQL4 Programming than by trying!

As always, the code for this tutorial is located underneath the video. Feel free to post any questions and / or feedback in the comments section at the end of the post. I am interested to hear from you!


In this second tutorial I will show you what variables look like in MT4. We will understand the concept of a variable being a box, where data is kept. Different types of boxes (variables) have the capacity to store different data. This notion is also discussed in the tutorial. We will look at the following types of variables:

  • int
  • double
  • string
  • bool
  • color
  • datetime

Get the full course here: https://www.forexboat.com/learn-mql4


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