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Forex commodities and USD

The evolution of commodity prices is generally opposite to the American dollar (USD). Let’s see the reasons behind this relationship and what the main movers for the USD are.


Buying and Selling on Forex Market

Today I wanted to share some thoughts on buying and selling on Forex Market:

When I was in New York, I took the photo with the charging bull and it made me thought about this question, what does the charging bull represent? Why is it a bull and not a bear?


Kelly Criterion

by Muhammad Awais


Have you ever wondered to yourself how to calculate EXACTLY what % of your account balance to risk on a given trade?

I mean you’re sitting there, about to open a trade for what seems to be a good opportunity, but you’re not sure what the optimal volume / lot size is. On one hand, you don’t want to risk too much in case the market goes against you, but on the other hand, you don’t want to risk too little either. Sound familiar?

That’s what we are going to explore today – EXACTLY what % of your balance is it optimal to risk on a given trade. It’s going to be fun!


Hey there! Just a quick post to say that recently a lot of people have been getting the following error when trying to download MetaTrader 4 from the official MetaQuotes website: 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable I am sure that this is a temporary issue, however to assist you with this challenge here are some […]

mt4 sendmail Hello dear friends! In the previous article we discussed the process of setting up MetaTrader 4 for sending email notifications. Also, as a proof-of-concept we sent our very first MT4 email alert. Today we will delve deeper into the topic of MQL4 email notifications and we will learn how to send combine useful information in the emails our FX Robots send to us!

The MT4 SendMail function

As you recall, the MQL4 function responsible for sending emails is the SendMail. This function takes two parameters:
bool SendMail(
string subject, // header
string some_text // email text

The subject parameter will be displayed as the subject of your email, and some_text is the email message. (more…)

mt4 email alert

Greetings friends!

In this short article we will discuss how to setup your Expert Advisor so to get an MT4 email alert every time a significant event occurs. A significant event can be anything like successful execution of an order, or a position being closed at StopLoss, or even simply the price crossing a certain level. It’s up to you to decide when you want your FX Robot to send an email notification.

Step 1 – Open a Gmail Account

It is important to understand that MetaTrader 4 cannot send an MT4 email alert on its own. The only way your trading platform can do this is through an existing email account.

Of course, for this purpose you can use your personal email account. However, that way you may run into complications when configuring the SMTP server. Gmail is tried and tested, and generally speaking, I find that this is the easiest approach. (more…)

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