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Forex advisor for backtesting

In this post we share with you an Expert Advisor that helps us with our Backtesting. Specifically, we want to haveclean and live data before we run our Backtesting. This Expert Advisor will automatically save data at any given time in our MT4 platform, giving us reliable information to test our strategies.

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Which VPS is right for you?

Hey Trader,

Choosing a VPS (Virtual Private Server) for your Forex trading isn’t easy. That’s why we have created this review.

Our student Kok Seong Khew wrote a detailed article on this topic. Make sure you don’t miss this special blog post…


How do we track market orders? Manually it’s easy – you just look at the information provided at the bottom of the terminal. But what if we want to do it from inside a Forex-robot?

Well, it’s also pretty simple – we just need to use the OrderSelect() function to select the order and then we are able to use a range of functions to find out additional information about our order. Today I will show you how to use OrderSelect(), OrderStopLoss(), OrderTakeProfit(). 

Also, I will give you an extremely useful tip on how to check if an order has been closed or not using the OrderCloseTime() function. This part will be very important when we get to coding our Expert Advisor in Section 3 of the course.

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