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Forex trading journal

Even though each broker provides a record of your trades with some associated statistics, such as max drawdown, number of winning/loosing trades, leverage effect, profit factor and others, it is still very useful to have your own trading journal. Why is it so important, what should it include, how do you create the most effective one possible? Read on to find out.


Handling stress in forex trading

Stress is a major obstacle that every trader must learn to manage in order for his/her performance to be constant. Stress pushes a trader to react irrationally – rarely to his advantage, and strongly influences his emotional state, concentration and motivation. Let’s see how we can better control this trading stress to earn more money.


Central banks for forex trading

A Central Bank is considered to be the supreme monetary authority of a country – or group of countries as in the case of the Euro Zone – and plays a vital role in the economic health of any country. Its different actions affect every asset class, including the FOREX market. What are the main functions and objectives of a Central Bank? What tools are used to reach its goals? What are the effects on the FOREX market?


MetaTrader demo vs real accounts

When you decide to invest your money on the markets, you need to choose a broker and try its trading platform to determine if it suits you, if it’s user-friendly, whether the proposed products are the ones you want to invest in, etc. So you will first open a demo account before opening a live account and deposit funds.


Whether being a trader is your full-time job or you wish to get an additional return on your savings, investing on the FOREX market involves carefully thinking about which trading strategy you will implement based on your capital, your time horizon, your risk aversion, your money management, your psychology etc.

Hey there! Just a quick post to say that recently a lot of people have been getting the following error when trying to download MetaTrader 4 from the official MetaQuotes website: 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable I am sure that this is a temporary issue, however to assist you with this challenge here are some […]

mt4 sendmail Hello dear friends! In the previous article we discussed the process of setting up MetaTrader 4 for sending email notifications. Also, as a proof-of-concept we sent our very first MT4 email alert. Today we will delve deeper into the topic of MQL4 email notifications and we will learn how to send combine useful information in the emails our FX Robots send to us!

The MT4 SendMail function

As you recall, the MQL4 function responsible for sending emails is the SendMail. This function takes two parameters:
bool SendMail(
string subject, // header
string some_text // email text

The subject parameter will be displayed as the subject of your email, and some_text is the email message. (more…)

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