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How to Read Heikin Ashi Candles Chart on MT4

Every trader has heard of candlesticks. But not all traders have heard of a Heikin Ashi chart. To know how to read Heikin Ashi Candles, one needs to understand the concept first. Most of the traders take today’s technical analysis for granted. They assume it was always like this. In fact, technical analysis has changed. […]

Best Forex Charts Line, Candlesticks, & OHLC Bars

This article is about Forex charts and their power. Over time, the best Forex charts changed. Traders use now OHLC bars, a line chart or a candlestick chart. And, it all started with the OHLC. Before going into more details about different types of Forex trading charts, we should understand why they exist in the […]

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